Hájek autodíly - wholesale and retail of spare parts for truck, semi, cars, busses, trailers, carrier – high quality part for your cars. Hájek autodíly s.r.o.
  Phone: +420 544 247 158
  Fax: +420 543 330 609
  Mobile: +420 602 779 975, +420 602 561 745
  E-mail: info@hajek-auto.cz
  Web: www.hajek-autodily.cz
  Address: Podolská 119, 644 51 - Šlapanice, Czech Republic

Hájek autodíly s.r.o.

The company has been in business for 21 years. From the begining the priority is selling quality goods at reasonable prices and with adequate supplies immediately or as soon as possible. Also, we pride ourselves on honest dealings with customers.

We supply spare parts for most European cars, trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers. Brands of car parts are choosen carefully.

Our main program are parts of axles, steering, brake materials, shock absorbers, suspension bellows, exhaust parts, coolers, lighting, body parts, electrical parts and others.

Wholesale and retail sales with the delivery of goods delivery service or our vehicles.

Shop address Šlapanice u Brna:

  • Pondělí - Pátek: 8:00 - 17:00
  • Sobota: 9:00 - 12:00

Do you know which part you need and do not know how to order it? Call us and describe it, our specialists will spare part catalog traced. You can also visit us in person.

Hájek autodíly s.r.o.
Podolská 119/7
664 51 - Šlapanice
Czech Republic

ID No. (IČO): 26297744
VAT No. (DIČ): CZ26297744
The Company is registered at Business register in Brno, doc. No. C 42536

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We are looking for new employees

Looking for a new job? Would you work with a company which has a 21-year tradition on the Czech market? Feel free to join us!

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Address:: Podolská 119, 664 51 - Šlapanice u Brna   |   Phone: 544 247 158   |   Mobile: 602 779 975, 602 561 745   |   info@hajek-auto.cz

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